Tomato & Onion June 27th Happy Ice Cream

Osaka Science Museum on June 21st

Go Mino Beers Again June 20th

My First Product Review Video for Sony MDR-1RBTMK2 Headphone

The noise cancelling technology will influence the sound quality output, like Sony MDR-1RNCMK2, and Bose QuietComfort Series. The ear pressure will change under noise cancelling mode, which is the same feeling like when airplane taking off. This feeling makes me feel uncomfortable. I like Sony MDR-1RBT headphone's overall design than Bose, Beats, Audio-technica and Sennheiser.

The Best Seafood I have ever eaten June 14th

@梅田 Umeda

@Herbis Plaza Ent,  the Oyster Room, 最幸の牡蠣

Graduation Photo June 13th

How Japanese Ramen make June 13th

Lab Dinner on June 12th

The Best beer that I have ever drunk

Thank you very much for Okuno Sensei treating us this dinner!

The best beer I have ever drunk

Korean BBQ in Japan

University of California Study Abroad Program in Japan Video Contest June 5th

Instruction of how to go to Osaka University Suita Campus from Suita International Dormitory

奈良 Nara June 1st