The 67th JASC Personal Memory / by YINGZHE Reginald FU

The 67th JASC Personal Memory

Chapter 1: One Time JASCer, Always JASCer

                I had never heard about JASC. What was that? This was the first question shown up in my mind when I received an email from my study aboard advisor after I finished my FrontierLab research program at Osaka University on August 19th, 2014. After I saw the email, I went to JASC website to check it out. Wow, the conference was started in 1934 by four Japanese students. Henry Kissinger and Former Prime Minster of Japan Kiichi Miyazawa attended the conference when they were young. The 67th JASC would be held in Hiroshima, Shimane, Kyoto, and Tokyo, etc. All of those information listed on the website deeply attracted me, inspired me and triggered my treasured memory of my 5 months study at Osaka. “I would love to visit Japan again, and I would love to meet with new people and make new friends. The experience will be awesome” I told myself. Without any hesitation, I went straight to the application form.

                Among the seven round-table topics, I chose Global Eco-Hazard and Resource Sustainability. In the conference, we called our round-table Gears. It is such a good name. Let’s me tell you something about why I chose Gears. When I was a child, my father told me that the river in my hometown was so clean that people could go swimming and find turtles in it. When I was a child, sky was the clean blue. However, as I growing up, the river became very dirty and smells. The sky was not always blue any more. I wish I could went back to see the scenery again. Environmental problems have been discussed decades. Does people really pay attention to that? So I chose Gears. I know that the environmental problems are caused by people, and people are the solutions to their own problems. In the final form, we wish to promote “myMovement” to change current people’s lifestyle towards a more sustainable lifestyle. That was the cure we gave. I always love Gears.

                During the conference, I kept hearing from delegates saying one time JASCer, always JASCer. At beginning, I didn’t have too much feeling towards it. Now, I am so love with this phrase because I am so proud to be a JASCer. This phrase holds so much moments and experiences that all JASCers spent together. Just as Kei-san told me in the final day that he could hardly imagine his life without the 71 JASCers. Yes, it does. I feel it now. The three weeks conferences undoubtedly became one of the most memorable experiences in every JASCer’s life. We are proud to be a JASCer.

Chapter 2: JASC – Life Changing Experience

During the conference, I also heard this phase (JASC is a life changing experience) quite often. “Is JASC a life changing experience for me?”, “what do I learn from JASC?” I kept asking me these questions. I believe if I learned just one thing from JASC, that’s a life changing experience for me. Actually, I learned quite a lot things, which will definitely influence, change, and lead my life in the future.

Let me start with my version of “mutual understanding”. What is mutual understanding? Sharing ideas, communicate with each other. Sounds easy, right? Mutual understanding is difficult to reach sometimes. JASC is a perfect example for contact theory in the real life, which rarely happens in daily life. JASC is such a precious opportunity that allows me to experience it. Everyone is open-minded. Everyone is willing to listen to other people’s opinions. Everyone is respect to each other. Even in this condition, conflicts, stress, and frustration often happens. Why? Because nobody is perfect. Is mutual understanding enough? Understanding each other, so what is next? I think the next is “mutual action”. People either hold on their original opinions or step back to reach agreements. Mutual action leads to the results of mutual understanding. For me, I will always open my mind, respect other people, and be a good listener.

One of the most important JASC values is teamwork. Is teamwork just working in a team? I learned new points of what I should do in a team. I should not only do my own part well, but also separate other people’s pressure and take more care about my team members. Giving out ideas or solutions, making proposes, doing the summaries, concentrating on the topics, listening to other people’s judgements or ideas, asking the permission before changing any results.  I felt so regret that one of our team members drop out after we completed the final form. She didn’t give us any reasons why she chose to leave the team, but I believe we have the responsibilities for her drop-out. We should give her more encourages and communicate more. If the conference could start again, I would love to know her better and talk with her more.

Morality always goes first. During the presentation, I got to know that the reasons which cause all the global issues are humans. As the technology improved, human’s morality doesn’t change too much or may even decrease compared with before. As the technology improved, people have the tendency to be more greedy and selfish. As an engineer, I will view my morality as the priority other than any other skills. I will make my effort to be a good person.

I learned this from Stephane: people criticize you either because they want to help you move forward or they just don’t like you and want to put you down. I am willing to listen to criticism which helps me move forward, and then I will give a change.

I am certain about what I am going to do through JASC. I believe I am a lucky person because I had my dream since I was a kid, and most luckily I am able to follow my initial dream until now.  I was inspired by Terminator when I first watched that movie at 6 years old. Also, plus my mother is an electrical engineer. I was exposed to the concept of engineering at early age. I always get excited when I see mechanical structure with motion. “Dash! Yonkuro” was my favorite animation in my childhood. I am always curious about how things works. If you asked me what you wanted to be when I was a kid, I would immediately tell you I would like to be a scientist for making robots. There were some turning points in my life that would completely lead me to another way, but I made my way to my child dream until now. I am very grateful for the chance that I could go to my favorite mechanical engineering department to learn how things work, and I believe I was born for engineering.

Through my study at UC Berkeley and my research at Osaka University, I gradually formed an idea of studying the area which can integrate mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science together. The area can be called mechatronics system, embedded system, and robotics.  I am going to pursue that area in my grad school. Thanks for JASC, I could visit Mazda headquarters at Hiroshima. Everything there made me excited. That’s exactly what I want to do – designing cars. For me, cars are not only fantastic mechatronic systems but also fine art. Cars really can trigger my passion. If I could, I would like to live with the car and sleep with the car. I made up my mind to work in the automobile industry in the near future.

JASC is actually one of the most important student conferences in the world. I got verification during the conference. If the government officials could do what we did in the JASC (mutual understanding), probably the world would be much better.

Chapter 3: JASC Love, Just Love

                JASC love is the tradition of JASC. Some of our alumni got married because of JASC. JASC love was one of the most interesting and exciting topics for every delegates, especially for Takuya-san in this term. He always stayed up until 3am talking about JASC Love with other delegates. Yep, he was so diligent to JASC love. He got so excited and could not fall asleep, but JASC Love was not for him. He has already had his love before the conference. He is a great guy. He is now the vice president of the 68th Japanese executive committee. I am so proud of him. He will be another legend.

                So, how about my JASC Love? Before taking about my JASC love, let me introduce some facts about me. I did not have a girlfriend when I was in the conference, so I was eligible for JASC Love. Most of the time, I fell asleep at 10:30 pm. There was one time when we were at Kyoto. I went to sleep at 8:00 pm, and I got up at 7: 00 am. That was my record. I don’t think any other delegates had the same schedule as me. They said I was too healthy. Actually, every single day in JASC was very busy. I did not get it how came other delegates were so energetic at night. Yep, probably because JASC love.

As you knew I slept so early that I could not have a chance to talk with other delegates about JASC love at night, however, I did have my JASC love. She is the girl whom I always wanted to chat with, but when I started talking with her I didn’t know what to say next. She is the girl whom I always wanted to stand next to, but I rarely did that. She is the girl whom I would stole a glance at across the table or in far distance because I did not want her to notice my feeling towards her.

Before attending JASC, each delegate needed write a self-introduction slides. When I was reading the slides, my mother came by, and I started introducing who would attend the conference to my mother. When I showed her slide to my mother, my mother suddenly told me I should find a girl like her. She is pretty. Prettier than the photos shown in her slide. From the beginning to the end, I never put my thoughts into action. Why? I would not like her becoming the part of rumors, neither do I. That was just unnecessary pressure, so falling asleep early at night was just great. I personally couldn’t handle the long distance, besides after back to Berkeley, I need to face the heavy duty courses in the grad-school, and I believe I know what the result will be. I would not like to be too sorrow after JASC because the relationship disappear.

I didn’t talk too much about JASC love, but I know this term has way more JASC love than the previous term. I deeply wish every couple would do well.  While, I leave my chance in the future.

Chapter 4: End? Nope, just START

Can’t forget the last sense when saying goodbye. Everyone knew that would happen. Everyone needed to tear themselves away from Japan and returned back home. I did not cry in the Olympic Youth Center. Probably because I was so mentally prepared. I stepped behind the crowd to see everyone crying and hanging. When I went back home, lie in the bed, pieces of JASC memory flashed in my mind, and I could not help crying. I need to write this reflection in case I will forget some of my thoughts. One time JASCer, always JASCer.

I asked myself: is it the end of JASC? Absolutely not. The 68th JASC will be held in the US next year. We have voted our new executive committee members. They will carry on the legacy of 67th JASC and promise to hold the best conference ever. For me, I will continue my education in Berkeley and continue to pursue my dream. See you, JASCers, in the future!