Good Ramen Place / by YINGZHE Reginald FU

It has been a long time since I wrote something. I am too busy recently. Japanese Ramen is one of my favorite food. It tastes so great! I definitely will miss Japanese food after I finish my study abroad in Japan. My Labmates bought me to this Ramen restaurant. Gosh! This Ramen place is very popular. There are a lot of people waiting in line to try the ramen at here. So why this place is popular? First, of course because it tastes good, but another very important reason is this ramen place gives customers a lot of good despite of a very low price. Usually this amount of food as you can see in the photo will worth 1000 Yen, it is only worth 700 Yen. Amazingly, if you are willing to pay 1000 Yen, there will be even more ramen in the bowl. After I finished the ramen, I was so full and so happy. It was really a lot of food.  Personally I can't imagination can finish the larger size of this ramen.