First Impression of Japan / by YINGZHE Reginald FU

It took me more than 25 hours to arrive at the Ace Inn Shinjuku Hostel: 15 hours flight from SFO to HK,  2 hours in HK, 4 hours from HK to KIX, 5 hours from KIX to the Hostel. It is a little bit terrifying for finding the route alone, especially after this long flight plus carrying a big and heavy luggage. I would thank my roommate Terry Li ZhaoQi for exchanging his luggage with me. If I didn't carry his big luggage, I would carry two luggages plugs a backpack.

Japanese folks are very friendly and polite. I met a Japanese girl in the express train in Osaka. Her name is Keina Yamazaki. I want to thank Keina for telling me I should go to No. 25 station to find my bullet train. Otherwise, I would probably miss the train. Japanese train is so on time. If you didn't go there on that time, you would miss it. That is probably one of the reasons why Japanese folks are strict with time. Many Japanese folks helped me out in the subway. I want to thank everyone for helping me finding my path. What Aki san told me got proved in my trip. 

When I arrived at the hostel, it was 7:30pm in Tokyo. I met my friend Jason Yang there. He helped me check into the hostel. Then, we went outside for dinner together. The first night dinner in Tokyo was wonderful. We were very satisfied with the restaurant and food we chose. Take a look at the picture. 

Everywhere I have seen in Japan is very clean. It was my first time to use this advanced toilet. Check it out.  I really like it. The cushion is warm. Very nice. I hate cold cushion when I sit on it. It was pretty comfortable and continent when the toilet cleaned it for you. Just one button. It's done.