Some kind of Summary / by YINGZHE Reginald FU

Just sent my friends away. They are going to island of Puerto Rico for this Spring Break. I believe this will be a wonderful trip for them. Stay safe and have fun. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures. The island is insanely beautiful. I know. 

Now, the whole apartment just left myself, and tomorrow I will start my trip too. When I was walking my way back home from Bart Station, a lot of feelings just came towards me and surrounded me. I really don't like sending friends away. I feel sad when I am thinking about I am going to leave Berkeley and my friends for five months. Every time at this separating moment, I became very emotional. I left home since August 2009. I have changed many places: AGTA Beijing International school, Green River Community College in Washington State, UC Berkeley in California. Now, I am going to Japan. All these places are so important and meaningful to me because all my life turnings points happened in these places. If I didn't go to AGTA, I wouldn't study abroad at GRCC in United States. If I didn't study in GRCC, I wouldn't transfer to UC Berkeley. If I didn't study in UC Berkeley, I wouldn't go to Japan. If you stay at one place for a period time, you start to make new friends and get familiar with that place. You will have a bond with that place and the people there. I still miss AGTA, GRCC, my host family and my friends there. I have a lot of wonderful memory there. I really gained a lot, learned a lot, and experienced a lot in these past five years. I am thankful for that I can have the chance in my life to experience this world. Thank you for all of you who are helping me, supporting me and loving me. : ) Keeping going, you are still young. Go to experience things! At last, I want to share this wonderful speech from First Lady Michelle Obama with you. That is exactly what I am experiencing right now. Thank you!