/ by YINGZHE Reginald FU

Yesterday I went to UCB $100K Launch event, and I made first pitch in my life. Micheal's awesome speech opens my mind again. It's a just so great thing that I have the chance to listen to these billionaires' speech. They are awesome people in this world. I was so nervous to make this pitch. Gosh, my heart beat so fast that I could exactly felt it. My hands became wet and cold. I made lots of deep breath before I went to the stage. Luckily, it worked a little bit. When I was doing the 60 second pitch, my mind was clear even though I knew I was nervous and excited. Gosh, it was not a easy thing to make a pitch speaking with English in front of many people, but I know I am a person like to find difficulties and give these difficulties to myself. The process to solve these difficulties is painful honestly, but I always learned a lot during the process. That is exactly what I enjoy about it because I feel I grow up. Practice! Practice! I know it, I gonna finish it.