How to Make Self-illumination Material in the FANUC ARC Mate Welding Robot Animation

The most that I like is the melting metal effect, and I got the highest score in the class for this part. Here is how I made it. Choose Autodesk Generic Material in the material editor. Enable self – illumination and set the color as R: 0.894, G: 0.024, B: 0.0; Luminance: Dim Glow (10.0); Color Temperature: Custom (650000.0). In the Generic section, set color as: R: 0.969, G: 0.288, B: 0.122; image Fade: 0; glossiness: Use Slider (12.925). Check Highlights. The next step is very important. Go to Render Setup, Renderer, Camera Shaders. Check output and choose glare map. Your render must be mental ray. Finally, render the scene and you will have the effect shown in the video. 


How to Make Glass Material in 3ds Max

Choose Arch&Design material in the material editor. Select Glass (Solid Geometry) template. In the reflection channel, add Falloff map; choose falloff type Fresnel. Set Glossiness of Reflection 0.98. Glossy Samples 8. Refraction Color, R: 0.816; G: 0.894; B: 0.929. Other parameters keep the same. Done!