About Me

Welcome, everyone! My name is Yingzhe Reginald Fu. I named my website to be Dreamland because I would like to remind myself always dedicate efforts to pursue my dreams. I am very appreciated UC Berkeley gave me chances to let me be her undergraduate and graduate student. Berkeley taught me to be a humble learner in my life. My dream is to have the ability to integrate mechanical, electrical and computer science to create robots, so I chose my concentration on controls with mechatronics systems in the college. I would love to make things work and make things beautiful, which is my concept of engineering. This website exhibits my projects that I have done during college. At the same time, Dreamland helps me record my hobbies, memories, and friendship. Thanks for dropping by. 

The 67th JASCer, 2015. Global Eco-hazard and Resource Sustainability Round- Table. MS, UC Berkeley, 2016. BS, UC Berkeley, 2015. Founder @ Togg.